Book your Sonora Mexican reservation on Resy
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Book your Sonora Mexican reservation on Resy
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noun: Sonora
1. Officially Estado Libre y Soberano de Sonora (English: Free and Sovereign State of Sonora), is one of 32 states which comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico.
Inspired by the thriving restaurant scene in Mexico City’s cool neighbourhoods of Roma and Condesa, the team behind Bondi’s Taqiza, Carbon, La Palma & Calita, has opened a high-end Mexican restaurant and mezcal bar.

The menu is inspired by the cuisine of Sonora, a coastal state in Mexico’s north-west that shares a border with the US (the states of Arizona and New Mexico), where flour tortillas are preferred over corn tortillas.

Sonora is all about the Tacos Chingones (literally “bad-ass tacos”) menu, which has options ranging from swordfish to lamb shoulder, all the way to vegan options.
Book your Sonora Mexican reservation on Resy
37 Bayswater Road
Potts Point
NSW 2011
Opening hours
Mon to Thur: 5pm – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 10pm
Get in touch
+ 61 (02) 9160 9712
Coming Soon


MILPA Collective is travelling to Mexico City.

Located in Colonia Roma, considered one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Mexico City, renowned for its’ beautiful architecture, incredible hospitality scene and its’ abundance of cultural activities.

At MUX we want to keep alive the ancestral knowledge of indigenous cooks, their traditions and their products. MUX offers seasonal menus collaborating with indigenous communities across the country, showcasing the best of their culinary traditions, promoting fair trade and the conservation of native crops and ancestral agave.

Santa Catarina

San·​ta Ca·​ta·​ri·​na |  ˌsan-tə-ˌka-tə-ˈrē-nə

Coming to Clarence Street August, a mezcal bar with an interesting food offering inspired by the ancestral cuisine of Oaxaca. A place for everyone; for mezcal sommeliers as well as for party goers and casual walk-bys.

Santa Catarina Minas is a municipality at the heart of Oaxaca, south-west Mexico. The seemingly unconnected parts of saints, martyrs, mines and mezcal, are what makes Santa Catarina Minas the hub of Artisanal mezcals. A mystic and magical alcohol running on river waters, dusty roads and lush mountains, distilled in clay pots, over wood-fire and brick ovens at the light of candles. This sets up the perfect environment for our beloved Santa Catarina, coming to Clarence street, August.

Casa Merida

/kah·sah meh·ree·dah/

A lavish restaurant and cocktail bar with a home feeling, serving Mayan food from the south peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico, opening its doors to a blend of Colonial Elegance and Mayan ancestry.

Founded by Spanish conquistadors, Merida prospered to be the wealthiest city in the country. Carved Maya stones from ancient cities were used to build Spanish colonial buildings, mixed with European embellishments, paint and ornamentation. Ancestral recipes blended with lush and rich European flavours, mirror the majestic presence of the architecture, to the eye and to the mouth.

The flavours from the kitchen of creamy spices and aged cheeses, blended with the scents of orange blossom, dried red roses and a hint of fresh tobacco leaves; welcoming the most delicate palates as well as indulgent foodies. 

Our Casa Merida is drenched in heritage and uses it’s rustic elegance with distinct singularity paying homage to its main inspiration, the city of Merida, Yucatan.

Our casa will be opening our doors to you in August.

Londres 126

/lon·dres 1·2·6/

A high energy Mexican restaurant and Mezcal bar that pays tribute to Mexican cuisine and the ancestral spirit, Mezcal. Our menu mixes the cultural heritage of traditional Mexico City cantinas with the ambience of the city’s most exclusive bars and nightclubs.

At the heart of Coyoacan, there is a hand-painted sing hanging from a wall that says: ‘Londres 126’. It was famous Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo’s family home address, and it’s the inspiration behind our concept. A place drenched in culture, creativity and imagination. Full of aromas and notes of fresh paint, warm tortillas and mezcal. It’s a place full of eclecticism and whimsical extravangaza that hangs down from the colonial walls dressed in folkloric colours.

Inspired by surrealism art movement in Mexico; our Londres 126 holds a story inside their walls as you enter to a different world. The seemingly unrelated name connotes a Mexican artist living abroad, the clash of cultures. It is a story to tell and a story to remember.

Coming to Circular Quay in September.

What’s on

Clear your weekend schedules, Sydneysiders — bottomless Mexican brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 12–5pm.

You can feast on endless plates of lamb with beetroot, barbecued chicken , barramundi and kraut, cauliflower, and mushroom tacos. The many, many tacos come with three complimentary salsas — chilli morita, macha, and salsa verde — and 90 minutes of bottomless booze, too.

The latter comes in the form of endless classic margaritas, rosé and Tecate beer. Yep, all three. And all of this will set you back $85.


Sonora is teaming up with wine expert Piero from Godot wines for a vino party. Piero will be bringing along natural and organic wines from all around Italy to be paired with 5 new dishes created by Sonora’s talented Executive Chef, Manuel Diaz.

Piero will be in attendance to chat about the wines and the wineries he works with.

Book your spot, 9th June, it’s not one to miss.

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